tastic.tastic.task (class)

class tastic.tastic.task(matchObject, parentObject=None)[source]

The taskpaper task object

__init__(matchObject, parentObject=None)


__init__(matchObject[, parentObject])
add_note(note) Add a note to this taskpaper object
add_tag(tag) Add a tag this taskpaper object
add_task(title[, tags]) Add a task to this taskpaper object
all_tasks() return a flat list of all tasks contained within this taskpaper object
del_tag(tag) delete a tag this taskpaper object
done([depth]) mark this object as done
get_task(taskName) recursively scan this taskpaper object to find a descendant task by name
notestr() return the notes of this object as a string
set_tags([tags]) Set the tags for this taskpaper object
sort_tasks(workflowTags[, indentLevel]) order tasks within this taskpaper object via a list of tags
tagged_tasks(tag) return a list of tasks contained within this taskpaper object filtered by a given tag
tidy() Tidy this taskpapaer object so that sub-objects appear in this order: title, tags, notes, tasks, projects
to_string([indentLevel, title, tags, ...]) convert this taskpaper object to a string


content The text content of this object (excluding title)
notes list of the notes assoicated with this object
parent This taskpaper object’s parent object (if any)
raw_content The raw, untidied content of the taskpaper object
refresh Refreshs this tasks’s attributes if, for example, the parent document’s projects or tasks has been sorted
tags The list of tags associated with this taskpaper object
tasks list of the tasks assoicated with this object
title The title of this taskpaper object