tastic.workspace.sync module

generate overview taskpaper documents containing tasks tagged with a sync-tags set within an entire workspace. There is also an option to sync with Apple Reminders (not implemented yet).

Author:David Young
Date Created:November 15, 2016
class tastic.workspace.sync.sync(log, workspaceRoot, workspaceName, syncFolder, settings=False, editorialRootPath=False, includeFileTags=True)[source]

The worker class for the sync module

Key Arguments:
  • log – logger
  • settings – the settings dictionary
  • workspaceRoot – path to the root folder of a workspace containing taskpaper files
  • workspaceName – the name of the workspace
  • syncFolder – path to a folder to host your synced tag taskpaper documents.
  • editorialRootPath – the root path of editorial’s dropbox sync folder. Default False
  • includeFileTags – if the tag is in the filepath (e.g. /@due/mytasks.taskpaper) include all items the file in that tag set. Default True


To setup your logger, settings and database connections, please use the fundamentals package (see tutorial here).

To initiate a sync object, use the following:

from tastic.workspace import sync
tp = sync(

After this it is simply a matter of running tp.sync() to sync the sync-tag set into a taskpaper document in the syncFolder called <workspaceName>-synced-tasks.taskpaper


sync the tasks tagged with a tag in the sync-tags set to index taskpaper document and HTML page

  • None

see class docsting for usage