tastic.reminders module

methods for hooking up macOS/iOS reminds app tasks with taskpaper docs

Author:David Young
Date Created:November 22, 2016
class tastic.reminders.reminders(log, settings=False)[source]

the taskpaper reminders object

Key Arguments:
  • log – logger
  • settings – the settings dictionary


To setup your logger, settings and database connections, please use the fundamentals package (see tutorial here).

To initiate a reminders object, use the following:

from tastic import reminders
r = reminders(
import_list(listName, pathToTaskpaperDoc)[source]

import tasks from a reminder.app list into a given taskpaper document

Key Arguments:
  • listName – the name of the reminders list
  • pathToTaskpaperDoc – the path to the taskpaper document to import the tasks into


The following will import tasks from a Reminder.app list into a taskpaper document. Tasks are added to any existing content in the taskpaper document, or if the docuement doesn’t yet exist it will be created for you. Tasks are deleted from the remainds list once import is complete.